We are pleased to announce that WS Partners has launched a new fund selection service, the OpenList Service, especially dedicated to Independent Wealth Managers based in Switzerland.

Since 1st March, the OpenList Service is available in the private area of our website through a membership application.

All qualifying Independent Wealth Managers have free access to the Service, as professional fund investors.

We ambition to raise interest from a sizeable portion of the Wealth Managers in Switzerland subscribing to this free service before the end of the year.

There is a lot to be excited about the use of this OpenList and we believe the users will find the experience valuable and an inspiring source of investment idea generation.

Why ?…

A compliant, cost effective way to access research on the most performing funds from around the world.

A center of expertise for fund selection dedicated to professional investors.

Exceptional overview of trends in funds’ investment strategies for IWM to refine their investment process.

OpenList Service is all about…

A selection of UCITS and CH funds based on WS Partners proven in-depth due diligence process including quantitative, qualitative and risk management analysis.

All asset classes covered by seasoned fund analysts able to retain only the best opportunities.

Free access to WS Partners summary analyst reports on every fund in the selection list, with news and regular update available.

Privileged access to full due diligence and, in-depth research from WS Partners.

The OpenList is already made of more than 20 funds and still growing.

At WS Partners, we look forward to partner with Independent Wealth Managers to build a unique service proposition tailored to them.

Hervé Croset, CFA

CEO, Managing Partner