Wealth Solutions Partners are equipped to identify the most advanced investment solutions through comprehensive research and solid market intelligence.

By offering the highest level of services, we aim to succeed as a business partner, as well as to contribute to sustaining a high standard of wealth management services for our customers and across the industry.

We help financial institutions to enhance the value proposition to their clients.

We support our customers to achieve better decision-making through professional advice, sound risk management, quality of investment products and services.


Financial institutions keen to enhance their value proposition


Supporting the development, sales and marketing of investment propositions through dedicated resources, advanced market intelligence and point of sales solutions in a true open-architecture.


Assisting wealthy families facing a growing number of choices and challenges concerning how to manage their assets, by acting as strategic advisors, overseeing investments, proactively working on solutions and coordinating with business partners with global reach.


Helping independent financial advisors deliver compliant, professional and well grounded advice through comprehensive research, recommended lists support and unbiased insight.

Wealth Solutions Partners a value proposition enabler for our customers


Challenging our ideas – the cornerstone of our investment philosophy

Wealth Solutions Partners operate in a true and comprehensive open-architecture universe that provides the finest wealth management solutions.
We have developed a true understanding of needs in relation to wealth growth and preservation.

We give access to a combination of high quality investment products across a large range of asset classes.

We offer investment solutions and advices aligned to the highest requirements of the Swiss wealth management industry.

We work with an independent team of experts, made up of highly experienced professionals dedicated to selecting external funds. Their purpose is to identify and monitor mainly the UCITS funds that will become part of our investment universe.


Solid reputation for integrity and putting investors’ needs before our own

We are committed to providing independent, objective, unbiased fund selection and advisory services. We are organised to avoid any conflict of interest in recommending investment solutions.

Besides, we have gained trust from investors in our ability to work in a true open-architecture, keeping our independence of mind. Our experience in managing and advising assets helps us to remain critical in our selection process by building opinion from truthful source of knowledge coupled with unbiased research.

We have adopted professional standards such as the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), and a number of professional conduct standards relevant to the investment industry including the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

The partners we work with must also demonstrate independence in their research. Their analysis must be solely based on the true ability to deliver without compromising on other factors that might serve other interests.

We operate in a fully transparent operating model. We draw our revenues exclusively from the advisory services we charge to our customers. Therefore, key to our success is to deliver at the highest level of results.


Commitment to delivering the best of breed solutions with a tailored implementation

Wealth Solutions Partners was created with a clear business philosophy: to be client-focused and service-oriented to fulfil our customers’ expectations. We aim to provide you with tailored services of the highest standard. We do not provide a generic investment program, we personalise investment strategy based on your preferences, goals and risk constraints.

We are trusted professionals with a long experience in both fund selection and fund advisory services. We have a long track record of delivering quality outputs to our customers such as portfolio review and construction, risk analysis, arbitrages, talking points, etc …