Wealth Solutions Partners offers investment advice specifically on mutual funds, ETFs, Alternative UCITS funds, or in building tailored portfolio solutions.

We partner with the leading institutions specialised in fund selection and portfolio analysis to deliver the most relevant value propositions to our customers.

Beyond leveraging the strong research capabilities of our partners, we have developed an effective advisory service addressing the specific needs of Private Banks and Wealth Managers in Switzerland. It is based on a deep understanding of the market and a robust set of analytical tools that allow us to select the best available performing portfolio solutions.


Sustainable outperformance and research quality

Wealth Solutions Partners manage an effective platform to deliver tailor-made selections of the best-in-class active portfolio managers or passive portfolio solutions.

We work with independent experts, made up of highly experienced analysts who are dedicated to selecting external funds performing in a robust risk management framework. Overall we count on more than 30 investment professionals based in the US, Europe and Asia.

Fund selection requires a specific skill set that goes beyond simplistic performance returns analysis, or peer-group screening. Analytical tools are required to understand alpha drivers, style preference, biases, risk tolerance and a Portfolio Manager DNA.

We have developed a forward looking analysis of portfolio management, never relying solely on past performances.

We focus on open architecture to build an exhaustive coverage of assets classes for long only, Alternative UCITS, Smart beta, ETFs, and ISR funds.


 Effective advisory service tailored to the needs of private banks and wealth managers

We provide highly individualized services and support for Investment Counselors and Advisors based on a robust set of analytical tools, and a deep knowledge of the market.

We select the best performing solutions available and suitable for audit and compliance purpose.

The service can be delivered in various forms: from a web based interactive advisory solution, to a full partnership with on-going access to dedicated professional advisors.

Our deliverables cover a large range of needs and documentation to strengthen the relationship between our customers and their clients.

We also give access to in-depth research so that our customers gain a better knowledge of the recommended funds.


Proprietary tools to build customised portfolios to match investor’s objectives

We provide Mutual Funds model portfolios combining active as well as passive funds. We can aggregate single or multi-asset funds portfolios. We support you in asset allocation recommendations, fund selection, portfolio construction and the portfolio reviews.

Risk controlled performance comes from effective blending of strategies with decisions taken at the point of the greatest insight. We implement forward looking views combined with quantitative considerations.

Effective portfolio monitoring ensures that funds and allocations are aligned to deliver objectives. The monitoring includes contribution to risk for each manager, biases tilts and exposures, risk metrics, liquidity analysis, and rebalancing.

The reporting includes investment reports with performance attribution, changes in underlying funds, switch proposals whenever needed, flash notes to inform on changes in the recommended funds or in the Model Portfolio.

Risk management is embedded in and forms a key part of the investment process. We perform accurate, thorough and timely oversight for every portfolio we build.


Bespoke manager research and implementation for all major asset classes

Tightening regulatory rules are driving greater use of delegated management.
Wealth Solutions Partners select Portfolio Managers to offer cost efficient solutions to create delegated funds or mandates.

We leverage our long experience and network by identifying fund managers that can help our customers launch bespoke investment solutions.

We support our customers to appoint a portfolio manager by assisting them through the whole process:  we define the investment guidelines, prepare the request for proposal and ultimately select the best suited manager.

Manager selection is based on a three stage process of quantitative and qualitative screening, with an additional operational due diligence.