Find here after a brief of the latest fund strategies we have added into our Selection Master List.

We select funds based on their consistency to deliver superior performance results.

Our performance analysis is always done adjusted for risks, fees and relative to the fund’s peer group.

We pay specific attention to the ability of a fund manager to mitigate the portfolio downside risk, hence generating net alpha mostly during difficult market conditions.


Global Equity Fund

Core Global Equity strategy with low volatility style

  • Systematic investment strategy using a proprietary “low volatility investing” process.
  • Founded on in-depth academic research in the non-linear relation between risk and return.
  • Global equity universe screening based on volatility, valuation and multi-factor ranking.
  • Portfolio has lower volatility than the market in average.
  • The fund tends to outperform in difficult market conditions, while it may underperform in rising markets.
  • The fund has a high active share, high tracking error. It is a portfolio of around 200 stocks, with no stock picking or specific fundamental analysis.
  • Long successful track record achieved by a stable well-resourced team.
  • Suitable for long term investors, as the outperformance develop over the long run through a robust risk adjusted return.


Europe Equity Value Fund

Pure deep value strategy investing in European equity with a large to mid-cap bias

  • Research-based and pure bottom-up process to identify the cheapest stocks using a proprietary screening tool.
  • High conviction and concentrated portfolio of 40 to 60 stocks
  • Active and unconstrained portfolio construction with at least 80% of active share
  • Contrarian and value approach that results in a high-risk profile but consistent through market cycles.


USD Fixed Income Fund

Subordinated Debt Portfolio strategy

  • Portfolio management team benefits from a unique experience in that segment
  • Macro overlay, use of cash allocation to manage risks
  • Intrinsic volatility close to the high yield debt market
  • Average rating BBB-
  • Yield-to-Maturity: 6.2%
  • Effective duration: 4.5 years


US Equity Fund

US Equity Deep value strategy

  • Boutique manager based in NY, lead Portfolio Manager is also principal partner of the company
  • High conviction portfolio with unconstrained sector allocation
  • Portfolio of 30-40 stocks for max. of 5% (at cost)
  • Beta of the portfolio: 1.2
  • One of the very few active US Equity strategy to outperform its benchmark over 5 years (more than 2.5% annualized outperformance).
  • Shouldn’t be used as a core fund for a US equity allocation but as a complement to core or passive exposure.


Global Emerging Equity Fund

Quality growth GEM strategy that integrates top-down and bottom-up analysis

  • The fund focuses on quality companies trading at attractive valuations, in countries with conditions that are supportive to growth
  • Extensive fundamental research, at the stock, sector and country level to drive both the stock picking and top-down allocation
  • ESG factors are integrated in the process for a comprehensive view of risk and maximize the risk/return trade-off
  • Strong investment process with a long track record tested through many cycles
  • Stock selection in consumption sectors and Asian stocks have been main sources of alpha historically
  • Portfolio of 50-60 stocks, high active share, large cap bias
  • Robust performance scoring in our proprietary screening