Two funds updated in the OpenList Fixed Income Emerging Markets On the heels of surprise Argentinian primary election result of mid August, which raised fears of a return to Peronism the Argentinian asset experienced [...]

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Change of status for the following fund in the OpenList: Europe Equity Micro Cap The Mandarine Europe Microcap fund We downgrade the rating of the Mandarine Europe Microcap fund to “On Hold” from “Approved” [...]

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One fund has been placed under review: Equity sector healthcare The Janus Henderson Global Life Sciences fund Following the recent turnover within the investment team, we have placed the Janus Henderson Global Life Sciences [...]

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Fund update in OpenList

One fund updated in the OpenList Equity Frontier Market The T.Rowe Price Frontier Equiy Fund We had a significant event in Argentina on August 11th, which was a huge shock result in the [...]

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